Codex is your community’s own collaboratively built, virtual museum dedicated to the preservation and sharing of language, culture, and heritage. Create digital stories together with your community using video, sound recordings, images, and text.

The word 'codex' is derived from the Latin word 'caudex', meaning ‘trunk of a tree’. Bound, handwritten codices (plural of codex) were the first ancient books. Codex creates living, ever-expanding branches of knowledge, content, and ideas bound together through a shared platform.



Codex empowers everyone within your community to be involved. Allow anyone to contribute pictures, videos, and design stories on your codex.  

Invite Collaborators and Team Members 

Choose a template, add text, then drag and drop photos, videos or sound recordings to create stunning digital stories. Codex arms you with the ability to create and customize with ease – no coding or design skills needed.

Create custom digital content


Archive and organize digital media files within folders for quick retrieval. Advanced metadata fields are embedded within the media library. 

Archive and organize media

You are in control. Assign individual roles and permissions for viewing, editing, and publishing.  

Manage permissions and published content with ease

Connect Codex to a custom URL, or simply embed individual galleries into your site as you would a YouTube video.  

Integrate Seamlessly with your website

  • Produce an online library of Indigenous Language
  • Create a digital museum including cultural centre exhibits
  • Showcase cultural programming
  • Archive photos and videos to preserve your culture and leave a legacy
  • Showcase collections of art, music, dance, and more
  • Share oral storytelling, projects, and interviews
  • Build language-based content for teaching or engagement
  • Share research projects
  • Publish classroom resources and projects
  • Share or remix archival photos, videos, and sound recordings
  • Build storytelling initiatives

How Indigenous communities use this software:

Why Codex?


- Troy,

 "It has helped us to create a digital community collection environment that will allow us to easily highlight many topics throughout our community. It is our vision that this digital environment will evolve with us and remain a safe and accessible place where community members can share and everyone can discover. As time goes on, we need to maintain that level of trust and then the community will come to us for news. I think Codex can really help us with that, to get the word out and collect the history. And from an admin/user perspective it's really easy to use."



- Troy,

"Our clients did not have a centralized document repository. There was no one community storytelling platform where photos, pdfs, videos, and text could all be shared. Information was in boxes with no online copies. History was just sitting on shelves and not being seen by community members."


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