Since 2001, Dadavan has worked collaboratively with Indigenous communities across Canada. Outcomes SIS is now the number one student information system for Indigenous schools in Canada.

The software includes customized reports and features specifically for Indigenous communities, incorporating additional built-in features that meet the needs of schools and students both on and off reserve.

Outcomes Student Information System 

Outcomes SIS

Student schedules can be set up to take into account seasonal cultural activities such as trapping, fishing, and hunting. Unique school year set ups and attendance reports can be similarly customized.

Flexibility for Cultural Reasons

Outcomes SIS makes it easy to generate government reports and export data for submissions. ISC reporting, including Nominal Roll, PSE report, and Special Education DCI, can be created efficiently and accurately and easily exported. Many reports including retention rate, graduation rate, and attendance can be used for provincial and annual community reporting.

Government Reporting


Outcomes SIS includes several Indigenous-specific assessments including a medicine wheel index and Indigenous language assessments.

Indigenous-specific Assessments

Syllabic keyboards enable report cards to be written in your community’s native language.

Native Languages

Many of Dadavan’s Indigenous clients live in rural and remote regions of Canada where connectivity poses unique challenges. The Outcomes Suite can overcome connectivity issues through local, offline installation.

Connect Anywhere

We understand and respect your data ownership. Dadavan’s permission-based system puts you in control of access. Outcomes SIS permissions and policies support the security and privacy of your students and employees.

Control Data Access

  • Graduation Hub
  • Behaviour Management
  • Mark Book
  • File Manager
  • Staff Attendance
  • Chemical Inventory
  • Mobile Friendly

  • Student Database
  • Attendance
  • Health and Fitness Reporting
  • Parent/Student Portals
  • Special Education Modules
  • Literacy/Numeracy Assessments
  • Easy-To-Use Report Cards
  • Teacher Planner and Long-Range Plans

+ all the standard SIS features:

  • Store all student data in one centralized database no matter where schools are located
  • Gain control over data, managing permissions and access for every module
  • Improve student retention, attendance, literacy, numeracy, and graduation rates
  • View trends and make decisions based on student data across years
  • Save administrators time compiling data
  • Identify behavioural challenges early
  • Report directly to governing or funding agencies
  • Create customized features and reports based on your specifications
  • Include cultural and language specific assessments for your community

support your community:

Why Outcomes SIS?


- Bob Thompson,
Bimose Tribal Council

"Their product is first rate. They respond favourably to ideas and have a fantastic program to share new ideas with all clients. When you need someone to respond to an issue you actually can call and speak to someone. There is no queue or ticket system. It is a real person. Every single time.
The product is easy to use and migration for our teachers and admin was very easy. The impact on our training staff was minimal ... Outcomes is a total win in our book."



- Bob Thompson,
Bimose Tribal Council

"As a small board of six schools we always had the impression that we were a second rate client. Our issues were rarely addressed in a timely fashion and having a 'ticket system' gave you the feeling that you were being queued up behind others. The product also presented itself as dated and a patchwork of updates for a product that outgrew itself."


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