There are many Indigenous communities where most or all of their children attended school not on a reserve. ORSM is a data collection tool designed to help Indigenous communities support their students attending off-reserve public, private or alternative schools.

ORSM enables the community to capture, assess and report on vital student information such as courses taken, attendance, marks, retention rates, graduation rates – no matter what school they attended.



Use collected data to set education goals, develop student support programs, and empower your community to be a strong and supportive voice in their children’s education.

Community Access

ORSM stores data such as schools attended, monthly attendance, courses taken, marks achieved, graduation and retention rates, and more. Education counselors can easily access all this information while also being able to record detailed notes and store related documents on each student profile.

Student Database


ORSM makes it easy to accurately export data for Indigenous Service Canada (ISC). With the click of a button you can copy over you off-reserve students data to the DCI module to make ISC submission accurate and quick.

Government Reporting 

Our customized report builder and report generator have all the reports you need to make smart, meaningful decisions about students, schools, and community goals.

Comprehensive Reporting

The virtual filing cabinet is an easy and secure way to store additional documents on each student such as academic assessments, student records, and transcripts.

Additional documents can be stored in our file manager

Dadavan works closely with the folks at ISC to ensure our reporting meets their standards. ORSM gives users Warning and Errors in the final steps of generating an xml to ensure it uploads seamlessly to the ISC portal.

Generate the xml for upload to ISC Portal right within ORSM

An abundance of time saving reports are at your fingertips, including retention, attendance, post secondary readiness, and graduation rates.


  • Store all student data in one centralized database no matter where your children go to school
  • Improve student retention, attendance literacy, numeracy, and graduation rates by taking an active role in your children’s education
  • View trends and make decisions based on student data across years
  • Report directly to governing or funding agencies and save time by rolling data over each year

A valuable connection between home, school & community



- Carol Holmes,
Wahta Mohawks

"Dadavan’s ORSM is an excellent software program that captures all the pertinent information that we need to store. Reporting information for ISC is accumulating with each data input. The Support Team is available to us without long wait times and resolves issues or identifies problems every time with solutions. We are consulted when software changes are being considered to improve systems allowing us to have direct impact on improvements. I have not been disappointed with our two year relationship. The team is very friendly and supportive to our needs."



- Carol Holmes,
Wahta Mohawks

"With no program to track off-reserve students, communities were at a loss of how to capture this information. Students were falling through the tracks at public schools with no way to keep up on the educational progress of their students. They needed a way to advocate for their own students."   


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