Make member applications easy for admin and the members.

MemberDB is a membership management system designed to manage the whole membership process from online application submission and administrator acceptance to adding account information, renewal, making payments, and much more.



Members can quickly and easily submit their new or renewal application to you with prompts so they don’t forget any key information or documents. They can pay directly through the system – no need to chase them down for payment. Uploading pertinent documents can be done by the members on their own member page. 


The database is configurable to your needs – set it up in a way that works for you. As an Administrator of the system, you can see all members at a glance and update as needed. Get notifications by email for any new applications that have come in. Track member complaints and record all necessary information. Keeps membership history at your fingertips.



Create your own reports easily and quickly with our report wizard. Each report can be saved for future use and shared to other staff member. All Reports can easily be exported to Excel with the push of a button.


  • Quickly see where your members stand in terms of their applications

  • Have all documents housed in one spot for quick access

  • Customizable database configuration ensures timelines and fees are in line with your communities mandates and regulations

  • Make specific information and fields mandatory in the application so that nothing gets missed

  • All payments are processed directly through stripe integration

  • Allowing your members to do these things online will ease the workload for administration

Why MemberDB?


- Brian MacInnis,

"I have been impressed with the smoothness of the software, and how you can move from one function to another effortlessly. It is easy to search, to create reports and to view data. It is easier than ever to work off-site. As we work through implementation, we have been impressed with the Dadavan Team’s willingness to engage to ensure the software is meeting our objectives ... It is worth noting that our product was developed on time and on-cost."



- Brian MacInnis,

"Member associations were doing the different steps of an application manually and housing the information in many different places. Documents were being misplaced and application deadlines not being met. Reporting on these memberships was a tiresome and long process with minimal accuracy."


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