Designed specifically to meet the needs of Indigenous communities, PSE+ is a data management tool used to manage your students enrolled in post-secondary education.

From budgeting, school information, and document management to ISC reports, financial management, and automated letters, PSE+ is the hub for all your post-secondary data.

Post-secondary education data collection & insights


PSE reporting can be created efficiently and accurately and easily exported. 

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) PSE Reporting

Manage details concerning each student’s education such as detailed demographic and education information, including semester enrollment, program, institution and financial details.  

Student Database


Students now have one place to go to see their application progress, upload supporting documents and apply for future academic funding.

Student Portal

Students can easily submit their own application for funding online. Minimize back and forth time with students by ensuring mandatory fields and documents are all completed before submitting the application.

Online Application for Students

Create customized financial, demographic, or program information reports. Once created, reports can be saved and reused at any time.

Extensive Reporting 

Easily set budgets, create bulk and individual payment records, organize and track expenses, create requisitions, and export financials that easily upload into your accounting software.  


Upload all necessary documents for your clients so they are always available with a click of a button.

Document Management 

Templated letters such as eligibility, third party sponsorship, and denial letters can easily be generated right from the program.  

Templated Letters

  • Drastically reduce time– With bulk student budget allotments, saved custom reports, templated letters, mandatory online forms, and more, you will save yourself time and energy working on student files

  • Up-to-date reports available– With a few clicks of a button reports are generated and available in both PDF and Excel

  • You control your data– PSE+ allows you to define user roles and levels of access to all users - from simple report viewing permissions to super users who are creating students, payment records and reports

  • Navigate applications quickly– Admin can see new applications at a glance, and quickly review, decline, or delete with the click of a button

  • Flexibility with unique student needs– We know each student has different needs and over the years, we have tried to include as many unique scenarios as possible to ensure it works for all communities

Why PSE+?


- Rona George
Wikwemkoong Board of Education

"PSE+ has everything we need for the annual report to Indigenous Services Canada and allows us to track our financial progress through the fiscal year. It also allows us to track student progress with the help of a student portal. With PSE+ the students can upload required documents directly into the file manager in their student portal which saves a lot of time for our program which typically services 250-300 students per year."



- Rona George
Wikwemkoong Board of Education

"Before PSE+ our clients struggled to find any system that was designed specifically for their needs. There were accounting systems and case management systems, and Excel, but not one database for Indigenous specific PSE tracking."


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