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The Jordan’s Principle funding program provides the funding support needed for the children in your community to receive the services they require.

And JPCM provides the case management support to the community organization delivering these services and funding. JPCM isn’t just a general case management system; it has been designed specifically for managing the Jordan’s Principle funding program and the day-to-day case management needs.



A robust needs assessment tool to help you collect a full picture for your clients and their specific needs. 

Needs Assessment 

A comprehensive client database focuses on the client as a whole. Easily track demographic information, guardians, support people, medical information and more. 

Client Database


Track all important information including payments, notes, providers, and progress. Easily navigate between open, pending, and closed services for each client.

Service Management 

Create intake forms for submission right inside the database. Once in the system, the information will automatically cascade to the rest of the system eliminating extra work.

Intake forms 

Easily keep track of all finances in one place whether that be payments in/out, cheque req’s, and budgeting. Easily wrap up each year and balance all the funding.

Accounting Module

Upload all necessary documents (receipts, medical assessments, referrals, and reports) for your clients so that they are available with a click of a button.

Document Management 

Report Wizard allows the flexibility to create your own reports: Need to know all the medical diagnosis of your open clients? Done. Need to see a list of all open services inside a particular community? Easy. Each report can be saved for future use and shared to other staff members. 

Reporting Wizard

Easily manage your current staff information. Design user rolls and assign specific user permissions to all employees, keeping data accurate and secure.

Staff Management 

Capture important details of all communications with your clients, their guardians, and support people, along with the time spent during these conversations. This will make it easier for staff to support each other and give management a better understanding of time spent on client files - from intake to close. 

Notes & Time Tracking

Lesson the workload for managers, directors and decision makers
  • Better understand funding gaps through denied service reporting
  • Build and save your own custom reports with all real time data at your fingertips
  • With time tracking, managers can easily see coordinators time spent on cases
  • Have a thorough understanding of the flow of funding
  • Data is always available to justify the need for more funds

Lessen the workload for coordinators and navigators
  • Shorten the amount of time it takes to process client/family requests
  • Access the database from anywhere to easily do your work at any location
  • Save time with cascading data – no need to rewrite addresses, status changes
  • Ability to add and view notes to a clients file – always know where your file stands

Keep your data safe and up-to-date
  • JPCM is permissioned based, so only those in your organization can see the data you allow them to
  • Assure all aspects of a file are ready for the end of the fiscal year with carry forwards, closing of files, and closing or releasing funds
  • Add/edit your own Q-Codes and Providers



- Ashten,

 “Working with clients over the phone has become much more efficient and the level of service we provide them has drastically changed. This is due to our ability to access all important information from our computer. Previously we’d have information stored in different locations (physically and electronically), so the client would have to be put on hold as we searched. We no longer have to do this!”



- Ashten,

"Our clients expressed how very important for families to receive their required services as soon as possible. When data is not easily accessed - the process is slowed down and funding approval just wasn’t happening quickly enough for the clients’ needs. Their existing way of managing data simply was not meeting their staffs’ needs."


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